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John Deere Central Insecticide System

Price: $4,500
This Central Insecticide System (CIS) is a complete system with the Cabinet, pump/valve assembly, monitor, and manuals. 
The pump and valve assembly consists of a hydraulically driven water pump, electric injection pump, and section valves.  The hydraulic water pump is tied into the frame hydraulics and does not require an additional selective control valve (SCV).  The electric injection pump pulls product out of the Force CS boxes and injects the product into the waterline, which then enters a mixing chamber where the water and Force CS are thoroughly mixed together. 
The CIS system features a closed calibration procedure to protect the operator from insecticide exposure.  Comparable granular type insecticide systems require the operator to collect chemical from each row unit on the planter, while the CIS closed calibration is performed at one central location and does not require the operator to measure any product, dramatically eliminating exposure to insecticide.
One of the many features of the CIS is the ability to apply insecticide on refuge rows only.  From the tractor cab, the operator can set the monitor to apply insecticide to refuge rows only.  This makes the CIS a perfect fit with Refuge Plus.  When refuge only is selected on the monitor, the CIS will only apply insecticide on the designated refuge rows.  These rows are predetermined from the factory and are listed below for each model.
CIS utilizes a separate, independent monitor that also acts as the system controller.  The monitor is capable of controlling two separate products at the same time (water and Force CS) and is compatible with GreenStar™ (GS) 2 Field Doc™ connect.  This monitor is specific to the CIS and will not work with any other applications. 
The monitor conveniently displays product application rates, acre totals, and product/acres remaining.  System setup, product and water rates, as well as priming are initiated from the controller/monitor.  CIS is completely integrated with the planter design.  CIS automatically shuts off product flow when the planter is raised and is also tied to the seed meter one-half or one-third width disconnect.
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