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This is where it all began - with a passion to drive dollars back into your farm and make "every seed count."  Eric began a relationship with Precision Planting in 2007, attending trainings, testing & installing equipment, and using products in the field.  Over the years, Performance Ag has increased its market share in central Indiana and the near mid-west to become one of the top selling Premier Dealers for Precision Planting.  So, you can rest assured, you are in great hands when you contact Performance Ag Indiana to work on your planter - whether it's upgrading, replacing, or building a CUSTOM planter for your operation - we'll make sure EVERY SEED COUNTS!

Custom Planters 


Outfitted with the latest technology from

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vSet / vDrive

Furrow Jet

Smart Firmer

Speed Tube


Yield Sense

See what our customers are saying...

"Those Performance Ag boys did one hell of a job getting my planter switched to Speed Tube... They got me going in less than 6 hours!"
-A.J. Booher
West Lafayette, IN
Check out this video from a customer who owns and operates a custom built planter by Performance Ag Indiana. 
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Planter Technology Institute (PTI) is the mobile precision agriculture learning facility, all within a 53’ semi trailer.


           21,381 Attendees   |   31 States   |   309 Cities   |   144,180 Miles

PTI aims to educate farmers throughout the United States on the perfect planter pass. It’s the best chance we all have for a great season; with topics on agronomy and innovations in equipment and techniques, PTI is always a good, informative event.

Click HERE for a PTI event near you!

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