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5000 Stalk Devastator

The 5000 Stalk Devastator protects tires and tracks from premature wear and damage.  It protects because the rollers push over stubble as they travel through the field.  It prevents residue cover as crushed, knocked-over stalks facilitate quicker residue breakdown.  The Stalk Devastator is quick and easy to install with mounting kits for most corn head models.  It is made from spring-loaded, solid steel construction.  The Stalk Devastator can be left in field position on most OEM header cart trailers.  The Stalk Devastator is made to fit more than 20 corn head models including 6-, 8-, and 12-row heads on Case, New Holland, John Deere, Agco, Drago, Geringhoff, Lexion and Fantini. Price based on model and number of rows. 

Coulter Tillage

2982 Vertical Tillage Attachment- lightly tills soil, incorporates and sizes residue, bolts onto chisel plow, field cultivator, or soil finisher shank, warms soil more quickly and extends the growing season, and is available with adaptors for NH3 shanks.


2910-130 Heavy Duty Coulter- features a vertical travel of 6" allowing ample deflection for residue flow, slices through residue in tough conditions with 1,025 pounds of down pressure, has greasable tapered, bearings, and has compact design that permits mounting in tight spaces.


2995 Generation III- provides extra power through down pressure- 1,100 lbs.- in tough field conditions, features exclusive poly plastic spring insert and Accepts 16-22” blades.


2960 Unit-Mount Coulter- attaches easily to the front of most brand name planters, accepts a variety of blades for various soil types and conditions, allows room for residue managers, fertilizer injectors, or other attachments, and features adjustable depth setting options and compact design.


2930-2950 Disc-Chisel Coulter- mounting kits available to accommodate C-shanks and various tool bar sizes, and accepts 17” or 20” diameter coulter blades.


2900 Ultra Narrow Coulter- cuts through tough, heavy residue, improving planting success, compact design enables convenient installation in an area where bulkier coulters are tough to fit, mounts to planter frame allowing the unit to fold up easily, and high-strength steel arm fits tightly between a twin-arm mounting bracket.

Fertilizer Application

2920 Max Sealer Plus- independently operating arms facilitate outstanding residue flow and continuous soil contact; large vertical blades break up heavy residue and power through obstructions without springs; has easily adjustable blade pitch for precise, accurate sealing; blade options include 18” smooth or notched, 13 shallow wave and 8 wave; and bolts onto: 1”x2” and 1 ¼” x 2” flat shanks, 1 ¼” square-coil shanks, and 2” shanks


2920 Disc Sealer- bolts onto the following 1”x2” and 1 ¼” x 2” flat shanks, 1 ¼” square-coil shanks, and 2” shanks; is available in a wide variety of blade options, including 13 5/8” notched, 16” smooth and notched, and 13” shallow wave; blades can be set to pinch slot closed or catch soil to cover the slot; and is spring-loaded to follow the soil surface


2920-020 Wheel Sealer- bolts onto the following 1”x2” and 1 ¼” x 2” flat shanks, 1 ¼” square-coil shanks, and 2” shanks; has 40mm bearings and 4” X 16” closing wheels; and pinches slot closed


2920-040 Sealer Bracket- mounts any Yetter sealer to popular manure shanks and uses soil displaced by opener to close knife opening

2910 Injector Kits- allows the tip to pivot and aims a fertilizer stream directly at the trench cut by the coulter; eliminates potential for splashing and fertilizer waste; prevents build up with innovative shield; and has adjustable angles for precise placement


Gauge Wheels- tough polymer wheel for consistent depth; executes shallow or deep fertilizer placement; and is available in 9” or 11” options


Knife Scraper- reduces frequency of knife adjustments


2995 Spring Tine Injector- adjustable, spring loaded design for precise fertilizer placement; nozzle and tips not included


2995 Parallel Linkage Fertilizer Coulter- standard wear-resistant CAD tip rear knife; effective placement with minimal adjustment in both no-till and minimum tillage applications; and accepts inject systems, including coil tine injection nozzles


2996 Parallel Linkage Fertilizer Coulter- available with CAD tip rear knife for liquid or dry fertilizer; accepts fertilizer injectors; has 20” blade for deep root banding; and fits most commonly sized toolbars


2930-2950 Chisel Coulter- accepts 17” or 20” diameter coulter blades, accepts optional fertilizer injector systems


3600 Fertilizer Toolbar for John Deere 4710-4830 Sprayers- designed specifically for John Deere 4710-4830 sprayers with 80-90’ booms; allows for fast changeover from spray boom to fertilizer toolbar with unique quick-hitch system; utilizes field-proven heavy-duty hinges to hydraulically fold for narrow transport width; and locks into an extended positon with in field with hydraulically activated locking mechanisms


3000 Viper II With Gauge Wheel- True Placement™ of liquid or dry fertilizer; features 16” blades and 3 depth increment settings; spring-loaded to enable the wheel to follow soil contours and protect against damage from obstructions; unique heavy cast mounting clamps on the mounting brackets, which are available to fit most frame sizes found on planters and toolbar applications


Generation III Coulter- has exclusive poly-plastic spring insert to increase down pressure; is excellent for tough field conditions with minimal ground contour; and 6” of deflection available with 17” or 20” diameter coulter blades and knives or injectors


2962 Unit- Mounted Double Disc Fertilizer- clear residue and fertilize in one pass; opener blade adjacent to row runs straight and parallel to the row; second blade runs at a slight angle and contacts the outer edge first; is adjustable for both depth and distance from the row, making it easy to hit the root zone; features screw adjust for ease of adjustment; coulter places fertilizer at desired and distance from row; and available for liquid and dry fertilizer


2968 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener- achieves consistent off the row starter or nitrogen fertilizer placement; Can be set to apply fertilizer from 1 ½” to 2” off the row; utilizes a 10” disc for easier penetration; has compact design for easy mounting; is located behind gauge wheel, eliminating fertilizer build up on gauge wheel; depth is adjustable in ¼” increments- up to ½” below the seed; allows for use of other attachments on the front of the row unit; and fits mounted and pull-type planters


2968-030 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener- mounted to row unit in direct alignment with seed placement to achieve consistent off-the-row starter or nitrogen fertilizer placement; can be set to apply fertilizer from 1 ½” to 2” off the row; utilizes 8” disc for easier penetration; has compact design for easy mounting; is located behind gauge wheel, eliminating fertilizer buildup; is designed to mount on either side of the seed trench, giving producers fertilizer placement options; and allows residue manager or coulter/residue manger combo to be mounted on the faceplate of the row unit


2959 Injection System- 16” blade cuts a slot 2” to the left or right of the row; blade cuts slot to inject liquid fertilizer, giving crops a faster start for maximum yield potential; features adjustable depth for desired fertilizer placement; and is available with spring tine injection option


2000 All Steer Cart- ultra-durable A-frame construction with wide stance and two-point connection design; spring-loaded and self-engaging Sure Lock™ allows for one-handed operation; supports a maximum load of 30,000 pounds; Large Titan® 18.4-26/10-ply industrial tractor lug tires deliver 26” of ground clearance; front axle pivots up to 10 degrees up or down from the centerline to relieve stress using unique dual pivot design; front and rear axles pivot on greasable fifth wheels; axles on all models are made of structural steel tubing and feature bolt-on spindles; standard axle is for 30” row; and stand warning lights and SMV emblem


Manure Application

2986 Avenger- cuts through residue, controls soil disturbance and minimize ground cover loss with deep-trenching 25” blade set at 5-degree angle; spring-loaded scraper blade holds trench open for high-volume 3” drop tube; spring-cushioning protects unit from rocks or other obstacles; fits 4” x 4”, 5” x 7”, 6” X 6”, and 7” x 7” toolbars; features heavy-duty cast hub and spindle with tapered roller bearings; enables excellent depth control and low soil disturbance; and can be easily retrofitted for commercial application equipment

Closing Wheels

6000 Serrated Closing Disc- provides a quick return on investment by eliminating sidewall compaction to encourage root development-the foundation of superior yields; tough steel blades thrust and slice through the soil for improved closing of the seed trench; loosened soil is created by churning action, which improves seed-to-soil contact and germination; and is available to fit John Deere, Kinze and CNH planters


3200-109 V Closing Wheel for CNH- wheels are angled at the bottom for optimum seed-to-soil contact; has easily adjustable spring tension; features can pivot bushings that speed centering on the seed trench; is available with 1” x 12” rubber or spike wheels in parallel or staggered position


6200 Firming Wheel- seals the seed opening in the toughest conditions; gently firms seedbed; complements spike closing wheels; helps prevent air pockets; and has adjustable spring pressure and pivot to follow changing terrain


6200 Spike Closing Wheel- improves seed trench closing even in the most severe conditions; lifts and fractures soil with exclusive teeth; enhances seed-to-soil contact and helps prevent yield-robbing air pockets; eliminates potential for sidewall compaction; wide-crowned depth band controls spike depth and prevents seed disturbance; warms soil over the seed and speeds emergence; standard wheel is 15” diameter; and available with optional scraper


6200-108 Drag Chain- 5/8” twisted line chain improves seed-to-soil contact for better germination; beveled, five-sided links pull more heavy soil onto the trench; attach easily to row unit frame; and improves stands and yields when coupled with planters applying insecticide


6200 Air-Seeder Compatible Spike Closing Wheel- improves closing of seed furrow in wet seeding conditions; enhances seed-to-soil contact; eliminates side wall compaction; helps warm soil over seed and improve emergence; and has 13” wheel6200 Paddle Wheel- fully closes seed trench in challenging soil; ensures full seed-to-soil contact, preventing yield robbing air pockets; fractures sidewall as paddles enter and exit soil; and helps warm soil to speed even emergence

High-Speed Application

2987 Magnum For Fertilizer Application- is capable of applying anhydrous, liquid, or dry fertilizer at high application speeds, quick-change tube design allows knives to place different fertilizer types; has a 22” blade set at 5-degree angle; cuts through residue with minimal soil disturbance and minimal ground cover loss; is ideal for fall application, pre-planting, and side-dressing; floating scraper is self-adjusting and has a carbide tip for extended wear; and fits 4”x4”, 4”x6”, 5”x7” and 7”x7” tollbars.

Strip Tillage

2984 Rock Trip Auto Reset- trips the fertilizer knife when an obstacle is encountered; and knife automatically trips back into place, eliminating the need to leave tractor cab to reset knives or replace bolts.


2984 Vertical Tillage Attachment- makes the Maverick™ stip-till usable in the spring as well as fall; warms the planting zone by gently stirring cool, wet soil; features two 18”, wavy-blade coulters spaced 6” apart; uses same coulters as popular Yetter 2982 Vertical Tillage Attachment; tills 5” to 8” area; and bolts directly to Maverick™ shank in place of the knife


2984 Rolling Basket- breaks up large soil clods, leaving finer soils in the seedbed for optimal seed-to-soil contact; unique U-shaped crossbar design shapes and firms the soil berm; and incorporates herbicides and uproots weeds

Residue Management

2967-033 Residue Manager for NH3 Applicators- allows residue manger wheels to hug the soil surface and effectively move the right amount of residue; high-strength steel arms hold wheels in place and take on tough residue; cleans residue ahead of the shank, preventing buildup; and is perfect for strip-till operations


2967-039 Residue Manager for Fertilizer Toolbars- mounts to a variety of toolbars; floating design allows the residue manager wheels to hug the soil surface; effectively moves the right amount of residue; can be locked down to enhance performance in extreme conditions; and features depth-control adjustment options to reach desired setting


2966 Residue Manager- mounts directly to the seed opener cast arm; clears residue from in front of the opener blade for improved seed disc opener performance; places residue just to the side of the row rather than tossing it into adjoining rows; heavy-duty pivot allows the wheel to float over the soil surface; features more ground clearance for transportation; and is designed for seeders


2967 Screw Adjust Residue Manager- adapts to all soil conditions; depth indicator makes it easy to find and maintain precise depth; reduces adjustment time dramatically; attaches directly to the faceplate of the planter row unit features an exclusive self-detent adjustment handle; and adjusts in 1/16” increments and features a 7/8” socket to speed fine-tuning


2967 Residue Manager- improves seed-to-soil contact; fits rows 30” and wider; and offers vertical depth adjustment


2967 Narrow Row Residue Manager- use with narrow-row planters that have limited clearance for residue management; offers the same features as our standard residue manager; moves a narrow strip of residue to ensure proper seed placement without hairpinning; tightens the distance between the back of the wheels; and Fits 15”, 20” and 22” rows


2967-081 Hanger- adapts Yetter residue managers for installation on John Deere planter tool-hanger


2960/2967 Titan™ Floating Combo Residue Manager- is specially designed for planters with limited mounting space; is available with same wheel selection as other Titan ™ models; is available separately or with a cutting coulter assembly; and can be adjusted to float and follow the soil contour or be locked down to move tough residue


2960/2967 Combination Coulter/Residue Manager- mounts on the front of most popular planter units; offers one-pass residue clearance, soil preparation, and planting; fits an array of Yetter coulter blades to match your soil types and planting conditions; and is available with QuickAdjust™ mechanism, which allows for fast adjustment for ideal ground skimming in fields with varying conditions and residue depths


2967-035 Titan™ Residue Manager- removes residue from in front of the planter row unit without throwing it in front of adjacent units; maintains consistent and constant contact at the soil surface; and reduces soil disturbance with floating design


2967-043 Titan™ with Screw Adjust For John Deere Coulters- compatible with John Deere unit-mounted, no-till coulters; adds exclusive screw adjustment feature to Titan™ series; enables quick and easy adjustment of floating residue managers; achieves fine adjustments for precise settings; and does not interfere with coulter adjustments


2967-042 Titan™ for John Deere Coulters- achieves coulter tillage and residue management; features a wide range of depth settings; has lockdown and floating features; doesn’t interfere with coulter adjustment; and keeps residue between rows


2967-008 Titan™ for CNH Planters- attaches to front of unit-mounted coulter; can be adjusted to float and follow the soil contour or locked down to move tough residue; does not interfere with coulter adjustments; and keeps residue between rows


2967-029/097 Short Titan™- Fits 30” and 40” row planters; adjusts from the side without tools; has settings with one wheel leading or with both wheels parallel; high-strength steel arm holds wheels firmly to move tough residue; high-strength steel arms can be set to float and follow the soil contour or locked down to hold the wheels firmly in place; and is compatible with most planters


2967-013/014 Short Narrow Titan™- Fits 15”, 20” and 22” planters; matches performance of floating residue manager for 30” rows; powers through the toughest residue without causing undesirable soil disturbance; and high-strength steel arms can be set to float and follow the soil contour or locked down to hold the wheels firmly in place


2967-001/063 & 2967-004/064 Screw Adjust Floating Residue Manager- merges the power of the Short Titan™ and time-saving Screw Adjust technology; Screw Adjust design automatically reduces time spent on depth adjustments; floating feature moves residue and follows the contours of the ground; high-strength steel arms can be set to float and follow soil contour or locked down to hold wheel firmly in place; is perfect for planters with limited space; and is available for 15”, 20”, 22”, 30” and 40” rows


2967 Narrow Row Residue For Twin-Row Planters- is a floating, single-wheel residue manager featuring screw-adjust capabilities; does not interfere with most other frame-mounted tillage tools; fits in 15”, twin-row planting setups; works with any Yetter residue management wheel option; and models available to fit various manufactures’ twin-row planters


Sharktooth Wheel- backward-sloping teeth cut toughest residue; handles residue from continuous corn and bitotech hybrids; removes residue from in front of the planter unit; won’t throw residue into adjacent rows; standard blade is 13”; and is available as 10” blade


Finger Wheel- is available in ¼”; eliminates hairpinning; and enhances seed environment for better emergence


Beveled Wheel- heat-treated wheel is 3/8” thick, 13” diameter; made of alloy steel for longer wear; tills the soil with beveled teeth; removes residue for faster soil warm-up; and eliminates planter row unit bounce


Floater Wheel- maintains the right depth in all conditions; mounts easily to Floating Residue Manager wheels; preventing teeth from gouging the soil; land has increased surface area


2967 Multi-Notched Disc- shallow, concave 13” disc has 16 sharpened deep V-notches with unobstructed smooth sides to release residue cleanly; slices through challenging residue, leaving a clear path for the seed row; minimizes soil displacement because soil can fall back into the row area; and is made from boron steel to withstand high-wear conditions


2966-199 Soil Shield- bolts onto the Floater Wheel to keep soil from catching the dish design of the wheel; decreases the possibility of pitching soil into adjacent rows; is constructed of lightweight poly; and can be retrofitted to existing Floater Wheel design


2975 Setback Kit- assures proper clearance for fertilizer coulter/residue manager combinations; and works with John Deere 7000 and 7200 and Kinze planters


2960 Heavy-Duty Spring Kit- provides necessary amount of down pressure for John Deere 1700, 7000, 7200, and 7300 planters and features heavy duty adjustable springs


1200-001 Checker- makes it easy to complete once-time-consuming adjustments during the off-season, saving in-field planting time; enables quick and complete planter inspections; all-steel adjuster provides a platform on which to make adjustments to each row unit and its attachments; digital bevel box senses whether surface is level at 180◦; and its included planter checklist ensures an optimally adjusted and prepared setup

2940 Air Adjust Series 

In Cab Controller- make adjustments quickly and accurately during planting; high and down pressure settings can be adjusted independently; presets can be programmed for quick changes; and units can be raised from cab as needed with push of a button for wet areas, waterways, end rows, etc.


Residue Manager- features parallel linkage so residue manager floats with ground contour; available in wide and narrow widths; adjust up and down pressure to create the ideal ride for residue managers; and down pressure can be increased to fix row cleaner in rigid positon


Coulter/Residue Manager Comb- coulter can be removed and residue manager can still be run; adjust up and down pressures to create the ideal ride for residue managers; and make adjustments quickly and accurately from cab during planting


Rolling Basket- helps create smother ride for planter gauge wheels and row unit


Firming Wheel- complements closing wheels by gently firming the seed zone; facilitates idea seed-to-soil contact for even emergence; creates a uniform growing environment and helps prevent air pockets; and adjustable air pressure increased down pressure or lifts unit if desired


Floating Residue Manager Basket Combo- removes residue and firms soil for ideal seedbed and smooth ride for planter gauge wheels; and pressure adjustments are independently controlled


3831 & 3841 Double Hydraulic Locking Toolbar- 31’ model folds to 16’ and 41’ model folds to 21’ to allow for easy transport; wings lock rigid using over-the-center hydraulic lockdown or can be set to float; customize for use while strip-tilling, cultivating, or fertilizing; center and wing sections constructed of 7”x7” bars with 3/8” wall tubing; wings fold using 5”x24” hydraulic cylinders; allows row-unit mounting as narrow as 14” centers and as wide as 60” centers; features 5” spacing between front and back bar; available with category III, category III narrow, and category IV hitches; optional gauge wheels adjustable with ratcheting turnbuckle to control operating depth; and reach hitch optional


3800 Single Hydraulic Locking Toolbar- wings lock rigid using over-the-center hydraulic lockdown or can be set to float; customize for use while side-dressing for fertilizing; constructed with 7”x7” bars with 3/8” wall tubing; row unit mounting available from 14-60” centers; wings fold with 4”x24” hydraulic cylinders; includes parking stand; and gauge wheels with ratcheting turnbuckle and rear hitch optional  

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