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MS T&T Cleaner (Truck & Tractor) 2.0 is a very powerful and safe cleaning agent for the cleaning of any means of transport (e.g. cars, trucks, trailers, tractors) and lacquered surfaces (e.g. agricultural implements and milking robots).

  • Removes pollution perfectly even at low concentrations

  • Good stitch, so pollution and road dust will be removed after one treatment, if this product is used correctly

  • Difficult pollution such as flies will be removed easily after a short period of soaking

  • If it will be used on regular base, the surface will get back the original shine. Also very good for stainless steel

  • Safe for lacquer surfaces

  • Suitable for cleaning vehicles, boats, floors, walls and machines for the production of provisions assimilation

  • Suitable for spray and high pressure machines

  • Perfect stripe less cleaning

  • Biologically degradable


50 LB. Jug

Additional Information::


  • 1.0-3.0%


  • Remove coarse dirt and if possible rinse shortly with water

  • Dosage: 1.0-3.0%

  • Use a higher concentration in case of strong pollution

  • Soaking time: 1-5 minutes

  • Longer soaking time in case of extreme pollution

  • Do not allow to dry out

  • Temperature: cold

  • Hose down with water

  • No deterioration of the common materials of vehicles (less to not suitable for some types of aluminum and chromium). This can be tested by applying the product on a small surface with a short contact time


  • Alkali, soaps, moisturizers, water hardness, stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors and emulsifiers


  • Storage temperature : 12 °C to 45 °C

MSDS Sheets


Do's & Don'ts


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