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Delivering greater yields to American farmers with innovative spiked closing wheels since 2008.

Founded by Dave Terveen and Kevin Berg in 2008, Copperhead Agricultural Products was born from the idea of solving common farming challenges with new approaches. Their patented Furrow Cruiser and Drill Cruiser planter closing wheels provide farmers with greater control, greater success, and greater yields.

Following the success of their patented planter closing wheels, they've expanded their range to offer high quality brackets for updating Case IH closing systems, planter arm conversion kits, and the Cruiser Xtreme, a cast iron version of the Furrow Cruiser planter closing wheel with unbeatable durability.

Copperhead Agricultural Products is committed to providing American farmers with:

  • High quality, innovative products designed to deliver profitability and value to the great American farmer.

  • Fantastic customer service, complete with ongoing product support.

  • American manufacturing: all of their products are manufactured with local American companies.


ALL Copperhead Ag Products!

*Use Promo Code "CopperheadAg" at checkout


With the new Copperhead Concave Systems, formerly RPR Concaves, your concaves will pay for themselves 5 times over for every 1,000 acres harvested. This system can handle all crops including corn, beans, wheat, and canola.  These concaves will fit select John Deere Rotor combines, Case 88 Series and Case Flagship, and ATX rotor. 


There has always been some confusion about what happens in the rotor or conventional combine when it comes to thrashing. The cylinder bars or rotor bars FEED the crop only, and the CONCAVE bar thrashes the crop. Notice we said concave bars, it is the square edge on the concave bar that restricts the flow of grain and forces the crop to rub on itself. Thrashing is the act of grain rubbing on grain. So the important thing here is to have a good square edge on your concave bars. The only thing a round-bar concave is good for is less plugging in high moisture corn.The more square the edge of your concave bar the better the thrash. When a concave is worn-out (1500 hours on all machines) you will do two things to make them thrash better. You must run your cylinder or rotor FASTER & TIGHTER, both of which will damage your crop. 

So, install a set of the Copperhead Concave System in your combine to increase thrashing in your machine, avoid damage to your grain, and greatly reduce spitting grain out the back! 

Installing a set of Concaves in a 2013 John Deere S680 combine:

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