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2022 J&M 1112-20T Patriotic

MSRP: $156,400
X-Tended Reach models offer greater and straighter, upward, outward and forward reach. The in‑line auger design eliminates the need for costly and problematic u‑joint and soft‑start type connectors, allowing the grain to quickly travel straight from lower to upper auger, transferring grain efficiently and reliably from the cart to the semi.

Since our first patented front-folding corner auger cart was introduced in the late 1980s, we’ve been designing and building innovative grain carts that help farmers maximize their operating efficiency. The X-Tended Reach Series of grain carts continues this trend, having recently been awarded another U.S. patent for its unique auger design. The 12 Series X-Tended Reach design offers the operator 100% visibility during unloading AND equally important 100% visibility during the folding sequence. But the rigid upper auger has been X-Tended for even greater outward, upward and forward reach, all while folding diagonally along the front of the cart for compact storage.

J&M’s V4 track design features optimized geometry that utilizes a larger footprint for minimal compaction. Uniform spacing of the bogie wheels also helps reduce compaction. The improved spring tensioner requires less maintenance and creates a more uniform footprint that reduces rolling resistance. Unlike bronze bushings that require periodic greasing throughout the harvest season, V4 tracks utilize composite sleeve bushings. A single greasing before harvest can last the entire season and maximize the life and performance of the track.
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